Sketching Faces

I really want to learn how to sketch faces.
I purchased a Strathmore Sketchbook and divided it up into different areas.

This is what I am going to do….

1.  Create a Table of Content

2.  Section One:  Put in here anything that I had already in this sketchbook.  I never tear pages out of my journals.  (Had four drawings in this book)

3.  Section Two:  Cut and Paste from magazines pictures of the different parts of body I want to concentrate and practice.  (Eyes, Ears, Mouth, Nose, Hands, Feet)

4. Found an online class about "faces" paid $99 for 50 lessons (1 year long); I think that this is a bargain!!!!

5. Section Three:  Cut and Paste from magazine faces (will start with women - I will create a section for men too!)  Have three types of faces: Front, 3/4, and Profile.

6.  Section Four:  My learnings from different teachers.  NOTE:  the teachers are drawing and painting with acrylic, watercolor, oils, etc BUT I am only doing pencil - want to focus on learning how to draw faces first.

7.  Section Five:  Cut and Paste from magazine faces - male.  Have three types of faces: Front, 3/4, and Profile.

For MORE click on "FACES" on the left of the page and you will find all the posts that have all the faces I have drawn.


NOTE:  By request, I will post (soon) pictures of how I set-up my sketchbook.  

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