Monday, March 14, 2011

visual thoughts PHOTOGRAPHY

A few days ago, while eating breakfast, my son looked out the window and came running to me to get my camera out and photograph the sky.  Of course, still in my pjs I grabbed my camera and we both ran outside and took a few pictures of God's Majestic Sky.

His description was: "Someone took cotton balls and glue them on the sky"

Just wanted to share how wonder God is and how beautiful the simple things in life can make us feel amazing. Enjoy!!!


I have been experimenting with watercolor pencils....this is the result.  Why did I called it elodea?
Elodea is an aquatic plant (sometimes referred as "water weed") that grows beautifully and feeds many different types of fish.  Elodea grows wild and can takeover an area (or fish tank). 

As a christian we need to grow in the Lord and take over the world...let everyone know that Jesus is Alive and He is coming back again. 

The message of Jesus dying on the cross to save us and then raising from the dead is very important.  The message is a life changing one, and gives us forgiveness and hope for a future with God.  Remember Jesus rose from the dead and He is alive!  This is the fact that we must see.  This is the faith that we must share.  Are you sharing your faith in Jesus?  I wonder if you know that Jesus is alive right now.  I wonder if you every asked Him to forgive you of your sins.  With all the things that are happening in this world: earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear threats, why not be ready by accepting Him.  What do you have to lose?  Oh, wait – eternal death, if you do not accept Him. 
Remember there is no 'special' prayer that has to be said but some important acknowledgment: God loves me, I am a sinner and I need forgiveness, please forgive me accept me, I want you to be my Lord and Savior - - I accept you into my life.
Remember JESUS IS ALIVE !!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Always walk in a manner that is worthy to measure up to something that others will remember and might follow. Think about it, we all have done things in our lives that we wish we could go back in time and redo (differently of course). 

We always fail to see the good in ourselves.  We have no patience with new changes. 

Value your salvation, it will always determine how you live. You see, if it has NOT affected:
  • your lifestyle
  • the way you talk to people and about people
  • the way you treat others
then friend, you have got a low appraisal value of something that is intrinsically worth far beyond what you have even realized yet. Therefore, your life is not measuring up to any standard that God requires.

Always walk in a worthy manner. Therefore, measure up by the way you allow it to affect your life.

So if my view of salvation means everything when it comes to living, how you look at your salvation dictates how you live. Do not let salvation overwhelm you, thinking I have to change everything in my life, I have things that can not be forgiven, I have things that are so part of who I am that I will never be able to change.  You think that it is always up to you to make those changes, well guess again.  God, the one who nothing is impossible, is the only one who can make those changes.  

Think like Paul who said, "I have completely submitted to His lordship." Why? Here is a man who knew who he was. He understood what happened to him at salvation. It overwhelmed him and changed him for the rest of his life.

Always let God do His job, do not try to intervene, you are not going to change anything.  All He wants you to do is to be humble and gentle and most importantly be patient.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

do what it says BIBLE LEARNING - Salvation and ATCs

Hello, I am so glad that you are visiting my blog today.  

Today I started making ATC (artistic trading cards). These cards today have a special message for you.

Have you heard of John 3:16 “For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.”
It is not just a Bible verse to recite every time others tell you to recite it but it is a verse that is giving you instructions.  It is a verse that is telling you to do something.  Have you done what it says?  BELIEVE
If you choose not to believe in Jesus and His message of eternal salvation through His death on the cross, then you will die in your sins and go straight to hell when you die – no if, and or buts about it! The life that we are living here is serious business! The choices that we make in this life will determine our ultimate fate in the afterlife.  Choose Jesus and the blood that He has personally shed for you on the cross – and you will become saved and born again – you will then enter into the most incredible place imaginable when you die – heaven itself!

Here are some principles that you need to know before you do what it says:
1.   Know that Jesus Christ is the ONLY Way to God the Father and Heaven
·         John 10:9 “I am the gate.  Those who come in through me will be saved.”
·         John 11:25 “I am the resurrection and the life.  Anyone who believes in me will live, even after dying.”
·         John 14:6 “I am the way, the truth and the life.  No one come to the Father except through me.”

2.   God desires for you to be saved
·         Romans 10:12 “Jew and Gentile are the same in this respect.  They have the same Lord, who gives generously to all who call on him.
·         1 Timothy 2:3-4 “This is good and pleases God our Savior, who wants everyone to be saved and to understand the truth.”
·         2 Peter 3:9 “The Lord isn’t really being slow about his promise, as some people think.  No, he is being patient for your sake.  He does not want anyone to be destroyed, but wants everyone to repent.”

3.   The gift of salvation will make you righteous before God the Father
·         Talk about an incredible pardon. Once you become saved and born again by accepting Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior, the Bible says that we are now made perfectly righteous before the eyes of God. This means that we are now free to approach the throne of God for intimate prayer and communication, and when we die, we will all go straight to heaven.  Even though we will continue to commit sin from time to time, God will always forgive us as long as we properly confess each sin when it does happen. Until you then, your prayers are not heard by God because you do not live in righteousness. (John 9:31 “We know that God doesn’t listen to sinners, but he is ready to hear those who worship him and do his will.”)
·         2 Corinthians 5:21 “For God made Christ, who never sinned, to be the offering for our sin, so that we could be made right with God through Christ.”
·         Romans 5:8 “But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners.”

4.    Now that you BELIEVE – how do you become saved and receive the gift of Eternal Salvation
·         A – Accept that you are a sinner – be willing to confess your sins before God, doesn’t have to be in a church, this can happen to anyone at anytime and at any place.
·         B – Believe that Jesus is God’s Son – Accept the fact that Jesus Christ came to our earth in the flesh to die on the cross for your sins, He rose from the dead on the third day, and is coming back for you.
·         C – Confess your sins and ask Jesus into your heart – Be willing to formally accept Him as your personal Lord and Savior.


Acts 3:19 “Now repent of your sins and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped away.”


1 John 1:9 “But if we confess our sins to him, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all wickedness.”


Romans 10:9If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”

Notice the last verse says to confess with your mouth.  This means just saying a good basic salvation prayer out direct to God the Father from your heart:

Dear Father,
I now believe that Jesus Christ is Your only begotten Son, that He came to our earth in the flesh and died on the cross to take away all of my sins and the sins of this world. I believe that Jesus Christ then rose from the dead on the third day to give all of us eternal life.
Lord Jesus,
I now confess to You all of the wrong and sinful things I have ever done in my life. I ask that You please forgive Me and wash away all of my sins by the blood that You have personally shed for me on the cross. I am now ready to accept You as my personal Lord and Savior. I now ask that You come into my life and live with Me for all of eternity.
Father, Jesus – I now believe that I am truly saved and born again.
Thank you Father.
Thank you Jesus.