Sunday, March 6, 2011


Always walk in a manner that is worthy to measure up to something that others will remember and might follow. Think about it, we all have done things in our lives that we wish we could go back in time and redo (differently of course). 

We always fail to see the good in ourselves.  We have no patience with new changes. 

Value your salvation, it will always determine how you live. You see, if it has NOT affected:
  • your lifestyle
  • the way you talk to people and about people
  • the way you treat others
then friend, you have got a low appraisal value of something that is intrinsically worth far beyond what you have even realized yet. Therefore, your life is not measuring up to any standard that God requires.

Always walk in a worthy manner. Therefore, measure up by the way you allow it to affect your life.

So if my view of salvation means everything when it comes to living, how you look at your salvation dictates how you live. Do not let salvation overwhelm you, thinking I have to change everything in my life, I have things that can not be forgiven, I have things that are so part of who I am that I will never be able to change.  You think that it is always up to you to make those changes, well guess again.  God, the one who nothing is impossible, is the only one who can make those changes.  

Think like Paul who said, "I have completely submitted to His lordship." Why? Here is a man who knew who he was. He understood what happened to him at salvation. It overwhelmed him and changed him for the rest of his life.

Always let God do His job, do not try to intervene, you are not going to change anything.  All He wants you to do is to be humble and gentle and most importantly be patient.

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