Sunday, February 20, 2011

thoughts that inspire - SELF HELP

Hundreds and thousands and millions of times someone has written about their ideas and inspiration thoughts on how to be a better person or what to do to become a new and improved person....well here are some of mine:
1. You need to build on your strengths - we all have them - we just have to allow them to grow.
2. You must discover your gifts - what is the use in having a gift and never opening it - WELL, OPEN THE BOX ALREADY!
3. You can use your unique experiences to be creative - all of us have experienced life in a variety of ways - there are so many scenarios that we will never be able to write about them all - so be creative and share your creativeness with the rest of us - don't be selfish.
4. You have to push your limits - don't settle for the minimum - go as far as you can go and when you get there stretch out your arm and reach out further more.
5. You should go with confidence - trust that you can. 

**Of course, if you are a born again Christian you already know that our God Almighty is the only one that can give you 1. strength  2. gifts  3. creativeness 4. limits   5. confidence - however you MUST trust in HIM, because through Him all things are possible.


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