Friday, February 20, 2015

My Documented Life Project 2014 CREATIONS (JANUARY, 2014 thru MARCH, 2014) Part 1 of 4

I enjoyed all the projects in this "workshop" provided by 5th Academy Ladies.  What a fun group of ladies...I wish I had friends that would enjoy the same "artistic" fun that I enjoy or even better how I would love to join them and make it the 6th.  If you want to see their work check out their website:  *available until Jan 31, 2015

Here is my take on a year long project for DLP 2014. (Part One)


1/1/2014 (Challenge: Draw your front door)

1/5/2014 (Challenge: Draw a selfie)

1/12/2014 (Challenge: Decorate an envelope)

1/18/2014 (Challenge: One Word)

1/25/2014 (Challenge: Add a border)


                                                   2/1/2014 (Challenge: Copy a Pinterest Inspiration)  
                               I must give credit to: for this idea

2/8/2014 (Challenge: ONE shape, repeat it, add color)  I chose a mini tag

 2/15/2014 (Challenge: Add a flap to your flap)

2/22/2014 (Challenge: Collage something I recycle/collect)  I like to keep my stubs **NOTE: Do NOT use gel medium to glue down stubs that have laser makes them black.

MARCH 2014

3/1/2014 (Challenge: Make a list of the things that make me, me)

3/8/2014 (Challenge: Draw a bird on my page)

3/15/2014 (Challenge: Cut up and re-arrange a magazine add-to-it! )

3/22/2014 (Challenge: Ask someone else (my son T) to draw on your page - then I finish it)

3/29/2014 (Challenge: Write your name and embelish it)



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