Saturday, February 21, 2015

My Documented Life Project 2014 CREATIONS (APRIL, 2014 thru JUNE, 2014) Part 2 of 4

I enjoyed all the projects in this "workshop" provided by 5th Academy Ladies. What a fun group of ladies...I wish I had friends that would enjoy the same "artistic" fun that I enjoy or even better how I would love to join them and make it the 6th. If you want to see their work check out their website: *available until Jan 31, 2015

Here is my take on a year long project for DLP 2014. (Part Two)

APRIL 2014
4/5/2014 (Challenge: Monochromatic: Use shades, tints, hues of ONE color)

4/12/2014 (Challenge:  Add a cardboard food box in a creative way)

4/19/2014 (Challenge: Draw your favorite shoes)

4/26/2014 (Challenge: Add an inspiring quote to guide your week)

MAY 2014
5/3/2014 (Challenge: Document a Randon Act of Kindness from you)

5/10/2014 (Challenge: Use a Rubber Stamp in a new way)

5/17/2014 (Challenge: Add embroidery floss to your page)


5/24/2014 (Challenge: Draw a house and "I added color with highlighter markers")

5/31/2014 (Challenge: Write one week of grateful situations)

JUNE 2014
6/7/2014 (Challenge: Use book text)

6/14/2014 (Challenge: Cover me with Hearts)

6/21/2014 (Challenge:  Add a bible verses that inspires you)

6/28/2014 (Challenge: Add a suduko or any other puzzle)


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