Saturday, March 28, 2015

2-D Mermaid - Ruby's Creation

This was a very simple project:

3 pictures of the mermaid
E-6000 clear/transparent glue
Modge Podge
card stock or wood

1. Glue one of the pictures onto the card stock (if you are making a card) or wood (if you are making a picture to hang on the wall).
2. Take the 2nd and 3rd picture, cut out the mermaid and the different details that you want to pop away from the entire page.  Some parts of the pictures will not be used.
3. Put drops of the glue on the 1st picture (glue should be popping up).
4. Carefully place the different parts of the mermaid that you want to pop away from the main picture.
5. The entire picture does not change its main look only starts to become 2-dimensional.
6. If you feel that you can place the 3rd layer without pressing down on the 2nd layer then do so if not wait for the glue to dry to finish the project.
7. After it is dry, Modge Podge the entire project and glue a ribbon loop on the back of the wood and display on the wall.

Enjoy making these with any pictures…it is fun!

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