Friday, March 20, 2015

Ruby's Shabby Chic - My Wedding Doll (New tradition we created)

You are probably wondering why I have been posting more crafts and less art journaling.  The reason is that I am photography some of the many crafts I have created thru the years and posting them on the "National Craft Month" Board on Pinterest from Stampinton & Company.
This doll is approximately 40 years old.  It was my doll when I was a little girl.
This is what we did with this doll:

  1. My mother and I sew a wedding dress on the doll.  All the appliqués and pearls were hand sewn one by one.  We also made the fan flower arrangement and the veil.
  2. My mother on the day of the wedding carried the doll to the limousine car that was going to transport me to the church.
  3. The doll and I went to the church.  (I held her and many wonderful thoughts cross my mind to personal to write her!)
  4. When my dad helped me out of the limousine car the doll stayed in the limousine car.
  5. We had the ceremony and when all was done and we returned to the limousine car and the doll was already removed (my mom took it) which to her represented that I was now a married girl and my attention is to my husband and the family that would come and not the fantasy of playing with dolls.  (Sssshhhh… I still love to buy and play with dolls. This is a new tradition that I plan to do with my daughters or future daughter in law).
I hope that you have enjoyed the pictures and the reason for this doll looking this way! Comments or questions are welcomed.
Front View

Back View
Side View

Close-up of appliqué 

Front of dress

Sleeve and Waist details
Veil Flowers and Pearls
Fan Flower Bouquet
Back view of the Fan Flower Bouquet
Veil Over Head Face
Become a follower of my blog…more to come.  This post is for the "Stampinton Craft Month" Pinterest Board.!

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